BSB107 Financial Performance and Responsibility-overall performance of the two b


In Assessment 1b you evaluated the financial performance of Premier Investments and Kathmandu Holdings and considered which one performed better. In Assessment 2 you evaluated how much the firms are worth. In this assignment you will be investigating the non-financial performance of the two companies by considering one aspect of the sustainability of the businesses—its social impact.  This will give you a more comprehensive view of the overall performance of the two businesses.

Specifically, you are required to write a maximum 1,000 word report which:

1) Assesses the social disclosures with respect to the community made by both Kathmandu Holdings  and Premier Investments . In assessing the disclosures consider the following:

1. Are there national and/or global social issues addressed by the disclosures ?

2. If so, what are they and how do the disclosures address them?

3. Why do you think the companies made the disclosures?

4. In considering the social disclosures with respect to the community made by the two companies has your view about which firm is the better investment changed since considering the financial performance in Assessment 1 and the value in Assessment 2?  Provide a rationale for that decision, including how you weighted the importance of financial performance, value and social performance.

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