BIOL2262 Biology of Algae

Download this document and save to your computer.  Answer the following questions using a color OTHER THAN black (speeds grading).  Indicate your source(s) or a point will be lost.  Use the Source Citation Examples document under Materials/Content/Course Information for examples on how to cite your source.  Incomplete sources / Incorrect sources will also lose points. 1. A patient on dialysis has a low RBC count.  What hormone can be assumed to be deficient?  EXPLAIN your choice including where the hormone comes from, its function/action, and why it might be deficient in this patient. Source 2. An elderly man has been receiving weekly injections of vitamin B12 ever since he nearly had all his stomach removed 6 months previously. a.Why are the vitamins now required since the removal of the stomach (i.e. what is now not made because most of the stomach is removed?)   And what is the function of the vitamins? b. What would be the result (specific condition) if he refuses the injections? How would this condition affect the patient (what symptoms would he likely present)? Source 3. John, a novice smoker is trying to impress his buddies by smoking two packs a day – inhaling every drag.  What do you think will happen to his reticulocyte count?  Explain your reasoning Source 4. Mrs. Carlyle’s sister has had two miscarriages before seeking medical help with her third pregnancy.  Blood typing shows that the sister is Rh negative. a. Explain what specific events led to the sister’s miscarriages  – i.e. what is going on between antibodies and antigens?  Provide the name of the problem b.  Mrs. Carlyle just discovered that she herself is pregnant for the first time. Blood typing shows that Mrs. Carlyle is also Rh negative.  What course of treatment will be followed for her given the doctor knows she too is Rh negative? HOW does this treatment prevent a miscarriage?
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