BIOL203C501 Anatomy Physiology|Skeletal Muscle

One of GP’s symptoms is weakness for abduction of the eyes. Think about the movements that characterize abduction of the arms or legs and how this applies to the eyes. Use your text book, lab manual, or another scholarly source to answer the questions below.  a) Name the muscle that is the prime mover for arm abduction. b) Name the muscle that is the prime mover for leg abduction. c) Name the muscle that is the prime mover for eye abduction. d) How would you test for abduction of the eyes? According to the video, what evidence from GP’s symptoms suggests that the problem is not caused by infection with a virus such as polio or West Nile? Use complete sentences to answer the question. What is the chemical signal that is released in the neuromuscular junction to trigger skeletal muscle contraction? Use a complete sentence to answer the question.  In the video, the narrator mentions an autoimmune condition called myasthenia gravis.   Use scholarly sources to find some information about myasthenia gravis and answer the questions below. a) Explain what happens in the neuromuscular junction in a patient with myasthenia gravis.  b) Why would myasthenia gravis be considered as a diagnosis for GP’s symptoms? c) What reason is given for ruling out myasthenia gravis as the cause of GP’s symptoms? 5. List three therapeutic uses for botulinum toxin
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