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Spider-Man Peter Parker’s, uncle Ben famously quoted “with great power comes great responsibility”. Through your assignment 2, you would now realize that AI has become an integral part of business strategy. Operations across a vast array of industries including health care, banking, retail, and manufacturing are highly dependent on AI. With advancements in AI, innovations may lead to unintended or unanticipated uses or increased risks. These risks should be better evaluated to avoid unintended outcome from AI applications. The governance, health, safety, environmental and reputational issues associated with the use of AI are evolving very quickly. In this assignment, you are required to investigate the impact of AI solutions, on future work and society. You are further required to discuss the responsibility of businesses, and the government in ensuring ethical use of AI solutions. In your discussion, consider the following: AI Impact on future work Work automation is a practice of replacing human workers with technology (i.e., software programs or robots). Describe the impact that work automation is likely to have on business and society in the future. What type of jobs are most susceptible to being automated and what kind of jobs are resistant to work automation and why? Is the use of AI technology for work automation ethical? Why or why not? What steps should workers take to determine if their jobs or intended career paths have a higher risk of being automated? Why should businesses and governments find ways of supporting workers that lose their jobs because of work automation? Societal Impact of AI How are AI and AI solutions trained? Think about the process that makes the machines/programs learn how to analyse and make predictions — to “think” like humans. How bias can creep into the training of a machine learning application, resulting in unintended but negative consequences – give an example?   AI and Security and Privacy issues Why are technologies like facial recognition and AI programs that monitor a large volume of phone calls and email messages a concern for individuals? How blockchain can mitigate the impact of AI on individual’s data security and privacy. Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies & AI Provide an accompanying discussion of blockchain, bitcoin, cryptocurrencies associated with the implementation of AI. There are numerous detailed reports that discuss this topic. Your discussion should be an overview of the topic and should be sufficiently informative for a business investor/person to obtain insights into AI, but does not required details. A list of dot points is unacceptable.
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