BIOL1010 Biological Sciences: Exploring Saskatchewan Biomes


Exploring Saskatchewan Biomes

Please follow the link  to visit website to explore (RSM) and to learn about Saskatchewan biomes. Because the museum has many wonderful exhibits filled with lots of good information.  It is the oldest museum in Saskatchewan, and houses material in the areas of archaeology, conservation, ecology and aboriginal life.

In addition to exploring the RSM, you will need to find at least 3 other sources of information for your report. A

As before, create your assignment as a Word file and set up the formatting as: double-spaced Arial 10 pt, with normal margins. Add page numbers. You should have a title for your paper, and you may use sub-heads. Do not include a cover page. Your paper should be between 1300 and 1700 words, not including references. You can include any visual information you choose.

Your paper should include the following:


The purpose of the Introduction is to give your readers some background information, and tell them in brief what you will be discussing in more detail in the body of the paper.  You may wish to leave the Introduction until you have collected all your research material, or even until you have written the body of the paper.  Suggested length: 350 words.

Body of the Paper – Part 1

You need to cover these topics for the Prairie, Taiga, Boreal Shield and Boreal Plain biomes:

  • size, location in Saskatchewan, major communities, major water bodies
  • climate (temperature, wind, precipitation, photoperiod)
  • geography (landforms, soils, vegetation) and land use (e.g. farming, recreation)
  • plants and wildlife unique to the area*
  • any other interesting facts you find (optional)
  • suggested length: 500 words

*When you are writing about a species, use the common name (e.g. domestic cat) as well as the Latin name (e.g. Felis catus) upon first mention. Note that in the latter case, the first word is capitalized but the second is not, and both words are italicized. Thereafter, it is fine to refer to it using the common name.

Body of the Paper – Part 2

For this part of the paper, you will write about how the land has changed in the Prairie biome, and how this has affected aboriginal people. There are no specific facts or topics to cover for this part of the paper – it will depend on the research you do. Again, feel free to add any visual elements to illustrate your work.

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