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hi, so word count doesn’t matter as i have to speak up to 7 minutes all the requirement should be fulfilled this is my vodcast assessment on the topic (EXTRINSIC BRONCHIAL ASTHMA). where the question below should be mentioned. Question 1 Two of the major pathological changes that affect the airways during an asthma attack are bronchoconstriction and increased mucus production in the airways. By reflecting on the pathophysiology of bronchial asthma, explain how these pathological changes arise in your patient. In your explanation, you are expected the outline the significance of a specific allergen that may trigger an acute asthma attack. Question 2a The clinical manifestations of an acute asthma attack may include the following signs and symptoms: GROUP A GROUP B Cough Airway oedema Hypoxia Increased respiratory rate Wheeze Increased heart rate Tight chest Dyspnoea Choose one clinical manifestation from GROUP A and one from GROUP B and relate them to the underlying pathophysiology for your person. In your answer, explain the link between an acute asthma attack and both signs/symptoms you chose. Question 2b Salbutamol and corticosteroids are used in the management of asthma. Explain the mechanism of action of these two medications and their benefits in managing your patient’s condition. Question 3 Adequate education of patients suffering from/prone to asthma attacks is important in asthma management. Briefly summarize the advice you would give to your patient in respect to (a) Corticosteroid administration and (b) Strategies relating to effective prevention and management of their acute asthmatic episodes. You will have to describe the pathophysiology and pharmacological management for a person/client suffering from extrinsic bronchial asthma. We expect you to show your understanding by making explicit links between pathophysiology, clinical manifestations, and pharmacological management of your person/client’s disease. When preparing your presentation, assume that your target audience is health professionals (e.g., nurses, paramedics, midwives; all of which should have roughly the same base knowledge). Your answers to the questions below will be used to grade the ‘depth’, ‘accuracy’, and ‘clarity’ sections of your Vodcast assignment (see marking rubric provided at the end of this document). At the beginning of your Vodcast, you need to set the scene within the first minute by introducing your patient. Following this introduction, proceed to answer the following questions our Vodcast has to be about a specific ‘person/client’ who has extrinsic asthma You will need to create your own ‘person/client’ according to the following criteria. the criteria example is given in the file i have uploaded below. please check the file i have attatched it has all the information about the assessment. i have also attatched a sample of vodcast assessment but please do not copy because i have to upload it on turnitin. the vodcast should be no more than 70 mb. will be required to write an annotated bibliography containing 5–10 citations as part of this assignment. An annotated bibliography provides information regarding how you used the research to support your assignment. thank you.
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