BIO270 Skeletal Muscle Contraction-muscle structure and function.


Learning Outcomes:

Students will:

1. Develop an understanding of skeletal muscle structure and function.

2. Compile and present the appropriate information for an Introduction section of a scientific manuscript.
a) become aware of the conventions of scientific writing.
b) become aware (i.e. metacognition) of their individual writing process and improve writing through revision based upon formative feedback.
c) practice writing clearly, concisely, and precisely


Consult appendices at the end of this file for a general summary of the contents and style of an Introduction section of a scientific manuscript, transition words to use in an introduction section of a scientific manuscript, and general guidelines for writing a title for a scientific manuscript. You may also find it useful to consult the file ‘BIO270 Lab Assignment Tips 2021’ in the General Laboratory Files folder on Quercus, where you will find suggestions from TAs and a list of common mistakes to avoid (compiled from previous student assignments).

Completing this Pre-Lab Assignment will provide you with an opportunity to have your work assessed by your TA (who will provide useful feedback) before the Lab 2 Assignment is due.

Submit your assignment electronically following the instructions posted on Quercus by the submission deadline.

The primary categories in the marking rubric for this assignment are the following:

a) Title
b) Format and style
c) Introduction specific. Refer to Appendices that follow 
d) Citations: in-text and Literature Cited/References 

2. Observe your motor unit recruitment data and answer the following questions:

a) When a motor neuron fires, how many muscle cells are stimulated?

b) What is the relationship between the strength of the muscle contraction and the number of motor units which are stimulated?

c) Briefly explain why at maximum contraction there is no opportunity to prevent fatigue in a muscle?

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