BIO2420 Microbology|Microbial Disease

You will work to present a microbial disease of your choice to the class. The report will include a Powerpoint presentation. Things that must be included (in no particular order) in Powerpoint presentation: Try not to use too much text on the slides, images are better. • Both partners’ names. • Name of disease. • Name of the microbe. Are there different strains? • Disease symptoms, mortality rate, etc. 
Disease transmission including any vectors or hosts. • Step-by-step mechanism of infection. What is known about how exactly the microbe invades and harms your body? • Disease prevalence worldwide. Specifically, which countries are affected by the disease? • What are effective treatments? Is there a vaccine? Drugs? • What is the best way to avoid the disease? Who is most at risk? • What group of viruses does yours belong to? What does it look like?
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