BIO1P03 Introductory Biology- independent and dependent variables


Design an experiment to determine the specific effects of Wormsicorpse on the growth or survival of rainbow trout. You will need to consider how to conduct your experiment taking the following questions into consideration:
• What treatments will you use and why? 
• What life stages of trout will you use?
• How will you apply the treatments? 
• Will your experiment include field and/or lab components? 
• How will you measure the results?

Be sure to decide upon a strategy before answering the questions in this assignment. Keep in mind that there is not one “right” answer to these questions. You will be assessed both on the application of experimental design principles and on the demonstration of critical thinking.

Use of outside resources is permitted, though not required. Though you may use outside sources to help you decide how to measure variables or other experimental design features, the experiment you describe must still be your own unique design. If you do use outside sources, cite them using APA style in a Literature Cited section at the end. 

1.  Write a specific research question that the results of your experiment will answer

2.  Identify the independent and dependent variables in your hypothesis (include units of measurement where appropriate). 
3. Explain why you have selected the independent and dependent variables you indicated. If you draw on research from outside sources, be sure to cite them on the last page.
4. Write a testable null and alternate hypothesis to answer your research question
5. In an experimental design, it is important to consider variables other than the independent variable that might have unintended effects on your dependent variable. Suggest one such variable (other than human or equipment errors) and explain why it could have unintended effects on your results. How would you control for this error? 

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