BIO139 Understand the Biology of Birds


Written paragraph to the discussion board on the lecture Canvas site.

At this point, you should begin to realize that microbes play important roles in our daily lives. But they also play an important part of many cultures worldwide, often in the form of food. Whether we are talking about wine in Jiahu (modern day China) from 1500 B.C. or present-day yogurt, microbes (Bacteria, Archaea, and Eukaryotes) are responsible for the magical transformation of bland or toxic foods to amazing eats and drinks.

Your extra credit assignment is to describe a food or beverage that relies on microbes for its preservation, flavor, and/or edibility. Additionally, you must choose a food or beverage that has significance to you or your culture, either present day or in the past. Think about the foods or beverages that are used in cultural celebrations, or maybe play a particular role in your family traditions.

The extra credit is worth 5 points and grading is all or nothing. To receive credit, you must write a paragraph that includes:

1) A description of the food or beverage, especially if you think it might be unfamiliar to your fellow students

2) A description of the microbes involved in the production of the food or beverage. That means, name the microbes and explain what they contribute (ex. preservation, flavor, etc). Be specific! Do not simply say “flavor”, etc.

3) A description of the role of the food or beverage in your family or culture.

4) If you use any outside sources, be sure to reference those (you can just use the short version…don’t include screenshots or anything like that). Remember, you still need to avoid plagiarism! Any outside info taken from a source outside your own memories should be acknowledged and written in your own words! You will receive no points for rewording online content.

5) When you are finished, post your paragraph to the lecture Discussion board.

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