BIO103 Biological Sciences|Cannabis

 The paper should discuss 5 different plant ingredients in a recipe of your choice in detail. This should include the common name, scientific name, part of the plant used, and place of origin of the domesticated plant. The correct botanical description must be used for the part of the plant used. For example, for onion it is not sufficiently precise to say “the entire onion after peeling”. The paper should be written as an essay, composed of paragraphs with interesting insights and comments – not written as preparation or cooking instructions. The plant details can also include (but not limited to) medicinal, cultural, historical, and other uses of the plant and the results from studies (medical, biochemical, development, ecology, evolution studies) using the plant. A minimum of 5 papers must be included in the Literature Citation section at the end of the paper. All literature sources should be cited in the text (e.g., as “(Smith, 1973)”). Primary sources of information include books and journals (including the journal Economic Botany), but other scientific journals in the fields of medicine, agriculture, and nutrition can be used. I will also accept National Geographic and Natural History. In addition to what is in the library, sources may be available from the instructor.
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