BFA504 Accounting Systems and Processes Management


What you need to submit for the assignment?

i.) Written report evaluating the online video and its claims along with reflection on Xero Advisor Certificate

ii.) BPMN of bank reconciliation process in Xero

iii.) Completion of Xero Advisor Certificate The details of each of these components are provided under the appropriate subheadings below:

i.) Written report

Your written report is written to the manager to assist in his decision of continuing on with his old version of MYOB or moving to Xero and additional training you may require for Xero. I have provided a template here as a guide. The template provides both a structure and also guidance on the nature of the content of the report. Please read it thoroughly!

a.) Purpose is clear, concise and summarizes the key aspects relating to the financial accountant’s decision regarding Xero

b.) Excellent critical evaluation of online video that demonstrates the student’s viewing of the video, analysis of the video and deep understanding of the Xero technology and artificial intelligence.

c.) Student’s perspective on Xero is clear and student has been able to communicate this view persuasively and taken into account the financial accountant’s own opinion of Xero

d.) Student’s has demonstrated a deep reflection of their experience completing the Xero Advisor Certificate and has communicated their experience clearly that is useful for the financial accountant in making decisions regarding the value of XAC and the possibility of additional training for staff that will use Xero.

e.) Conclusion is clear, concise and summarizes the key points that is useful to assist the financial accountant in making their decision.

ii.) BPMN of bank reconciliation process in Xero

Using the tools and BPMN drawing concepts learned in this unit, draw a BPMN of the bank reconciliation process in Xero based on the online video referred to by the financial accountant, your own experience with Xero and also research on the bank reconciliation process in Xero. You do not have to upload a separate submission for the BPMN. Your BPMN can be incorporated in your report. Please also provide the link to your BPMN in case your diagram’s text maybe too small to read. Here is an example of a link to a BPMN created using Cawemo.

Your BPMN will be assessed based on the following:

a.) Application of BPMN concepts and modelling techniques learned in the unit

b.) Demonstration of understanding of Xero bank reconciliation process

c.) Quality of additional narration or quality of BPMN that it doesn’t require additional narration

iii.) Xero Advisor Certification (XAC)

Once you complete your Xero Advisor Certification (XAC) you will receive a PDF certificate from Xero with your name and the date of completion. Click here to view an example of the certificate. You are to upload this certificate in the Assignment 3 Dropbox link. We will also verify on your Xero account that you have completed the XAC. We have access to your Xero Account and can review your activity including your completion of the XAC so please ensure that you complete the XAC using your Xero account based on your UTAS email address. Students will receive 5% if they have uploaded their certificate. Students who do not upload a certificate will not receive any mark for this component of the assignment.

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