BEO6600 Business Economics and Non Programmable Calculator


You must turn on your webcam and remain visible during this exam.
Please note that academic misconduct will not be tolerated.  Disciplinary action for academic misconduct will be taken against any student found cheating such as such as using unauthorized materials, communicating exam content with another person, getting assistance from another person, aiding and abetting dishonesty in the exam, failure to comply with instructions, and/or maliciously disrupting the exam. 
You are not allowed to use mobile phone or devices other than the only one laptop/computer you are using for your exam.  No taking video or photos of the exam questions.  
Once you click on the start button to commence this exam, you must complete it.  No re-sitting of this exam will be available. 
You are allowed to bring the following into the exam venue:  Non-programmable calculator. 
Please have your student i.d. card next to you during the online exam. 
Please clearly indicate your answer(s) for each question and its sub-questions. 
This exam may cover case study with hypothetical scenarios to test your application and understanding of economic concepts, principles and theories.  Please note that you are not required to undertake research on anyprovided case study during the exam.
Your answers must address the questions showing understanding and application of the key concepts and theories in the learning program.  Marks will not be awarded for answers that are not grounded on key concepts and theories and/or without any economic analysis
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