BEO3430 International Economic Analysis Management



This individual project provides the opportunity to apply your knowledge and research skills in examining the role of imperfect competition, Monopolistic Competition (MC) and Oligopolies (O), in the expansion of international trade, social welfare and inequality.

Using theory and evidence (examples of specific industries or products), illustrate and discuss the effect of the following three factors on social welfare and inequality: (1) Product variation & innovation; (2) Barriers to entry & exit, and (3) Oligopsony power

The unit learning outcome(s) assessed is/are:

  • LO1: Demonstrate conceptual and practical understanding of the role of product variation & innovation in climate change
  • LO2: Analyse and illustrate the role of barriers to entry & exit
  • LO3. Examine markets with Oligopsony power and assess its impact on productivity & inequality


This project is a case study of a specific industry or market in recent times and should have the following structure:

  1. The project should be in a report style. Examine government reports to familiarize yourself with the style
  2. It should examine several well identified countries. The project should include (a) data from credible source presented in Tables, (b) your own graphs constructed in Excel, and (c) a bibliography (at least 10 references). All (a), (b) and (c) will attract marks
  3. The industry product or process should be fully described with actual data and accurate description and citations.
  4. The project ought to relate to insights from the BEO3430 study resources with particular attention to imperfect competition, market power, and inequality.
  5. Where appropriate, diagrams should be used to illustrate theoretical arguments.
  6. The project is worth 30% of total assessment.


The project is individual assessment and should have the following structure:

  1. You will need to choose your own group to work with (max of four students per group)
  2. Now that you have selected who you are working with, please self-enrol into your group online via Assessment 2 Groups
  3. A cover page with the unit code and name, your name, and your student ID
  4. A Contents page
  5. It should be in MS Word format with font size 11-12 and page numbers
  6. Data sources should be clearly cited under Tables or Charts
  7. Tables and Charts should have a clear title, labels and appropriate colours and font sizes.
  8. You are expected to submit their project/report on VU Collaborate Dropbox.

Assessment Criteria

  1. Discussion & analysis of concepts & issues
  2. Case demonstration: Description & documentation
  3. Research skills
  4. Writing and presentation
  5. Citations and referencing
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