BE 937 Finance Research Report: Emerging Themes


This should list the main sections, and indicate page numbers This should list any tables in the report, and indicate page numbers his should list any figures in the report, and indicate page numbers.
Format of Research
• This section should explain the background to the project, and give reasons for choosing the research topic.
• It should also explain the purpose of the research; the general approach to the study; and the briefly on main results found. 
• Finally, it should give the reader a brief overview of the rest of the report

1.5 Limitations of the Research – may wish to recommend the possibilities of further (future) research
1.6 Significance of the Research 
Research Contribution 
Practical Contribution 
1.7 Chapter Outline 
1.8 Summary and conclusion of Chapter 1

• Academic literature consists mainly of refereed journal articles. 
• Your review should cover at least fifteen of these articles, most of which should be empirical studies that contain results and 
• You may cite an academic textbook if it provides a good summary of the topic, BUT the majority of items in the review should be journal articles and working paper at
• No website source

• A literature review offers an overview of the relevant and significant literature on a research area.
• It reviews the critical points of current knowledge on a particular topic – i.e. a survey of articles, books, conference papers, theses etc. 
• It is usually limited to a particular timeframe, and should include a description, summary and critical evaluation of the 
materials presented.  Considers those from 1980s onwards

• A literature review is NOT a list describing or summarising one piece of literature after another.  
• The purpose of a literature review is: to demonstrate your ability to identify the relevant information and outline existing knowledge; identify the “gap” in the research that your work will address; produce a rationale or justification for your study

• Establish theoretical framework through relevant literature related to your chosen topic, 
• review what researchers have done, their findings and conclusion, in order to
• identify a gap (something that is missing but you believe is important) in the literature. 
• It should critically review key academic studies that deal with the research topic, structured around themes that arise from the review 
• All sources of information used in the review should be cited and included in the list of references
• The section should end with clear statements of the gap to be filled, the research question, and the research 

• In this section, you should explain and describe how you would complete the project.
• You should re-state the research question and objectives, and then indicate that you are relying on secondary data.
• You need to indicate why you need these data and detail the tools used to collect them.
• You should also outline how you processed and analysed the data. Did you, for example, use statistical analysis or compare and contrast emerging themes? Are there any known limitations in the methodology and methods used.

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