BBAP2103 Management Accounting and Manufacturing Organisation


I. Explain the env iroranent and importance of management accounting;
2. Discuss marginal costing and absorption costing systems and their. Importance; Prepare accounting informal ion from the beginning to the completion of the accounting cycle: E (eradiate between job-order costing and process cost ins, and their tses AnW B3 Use management accounting techniques or analyses to assist managemeR In making decisions. 
This course is divided into eight topics. The synopsis for each topic is as follows: Topic 1 discusses the management accounting ewiroranent that focuses on information used in decision making. It highlights the role of management accounting and compares it with financial accounting. The topic that covers the features and importance of management accounting information. You will also learn about the concept of cost and its classification. Topic 2 discusses two traditional product systems, which are marginal costing and absorption costing. The differences between these two costing methods from the anew of product cooing, memory evaluation and intone statement will also be di.naed. You will see low the adjusenest of net intone between the nvoccsting methods ‘,date. The topic ends with adi:ass:km on theadvantages and disadvantage of marginal costing and absorpticn carting. Style ditcusee jcborder caging In that tpic, the purpose and features of jct. order costing it explained. You will be exposed to the tee of &mimes fkw in Mb order caging This topicalsoexplains manubtturirg coo fbw in joborder owing lkgit4discustes process costing. You will be exposed to the difference benwe mess costing and job-order coning. lei will barn about equivalent units in mass coning The later section disowse the preparation of the production report using the weighted average meted and the first ingint an method. This topic alio explaint the effects of inmate in nomuniforrn rnanubcturing input and the absence of various proluction departments Toplc3 discusses cost•volurneprofit (CV11arulya. It highlights the importance of CVP analyst. It alto ouches on the assumptions made in CVP XIS methods of cakubting the break•even point(BEN, approach to CVP analysis and applications of CVP analysis. Andly, you will karn about the advantage and disadvantage of CVP atulysis in MUM” (once ni ng &cation mala rig Itgle thespians how the budget is led at a planning and operate’s control tool, and a performance measurement toot The first part of this topicdefines and demonstrate the preparation of a budtpt. Then, the preparation of the mats budget that consists of the operating budget and the financial budget for a manufacturing organisation and a no•rtanufacturing organisation it Alustrated. The preparation of the pro-bmu financial senescent is Mown at the final product of that proem. That topic also touches On flexible budget and the mechanism of is preparation as well as its a.thantages at a perbrmance evaluation 
Topic 7d:west’s the toe and importance of standard coning that representt a value level that becomes a benchmark fa measuring actual achievement against standard stamemert armed at through the con variance andysis method-Cost vana ree a infests is diveled into three types, which are, direct mainia/ variance, direct labour %mance and ovelnad %%Inane. The topic also &gasses the use and advantages of variance arulysis lift loth:mates decision making. In that bra topic, you will be tweed b the sole of the managernert accountant in the &cat emending process. It is shown bone that making Jocasta= is rot an easy process. The manager has to consider each and men, boar bate nuking any decition. You will alto team Meant intonation on making deisions and dieconstraints faced by an onpreatian.
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