BAO5734 Financial Analysis And Financial Management


John Smith, the CEO of XYZ Mutual Fund (based in London, UK) would like to diversify the fund’s portfolio by investing offshore. He has engaged your Australian corporate advisory firm – Archer Gold Pty Ltd to advise him on how to invest in Australia. Being the Partner of Archer Gold Pty Ltd, you advised the CEO to consider Baby Bunting which is supported by your preliminary analysis on their 2021 Annual Report  (Baby Bunting Group Limited 2021).

John is interested and requesting you to present your preliminary analysis in the form of a business brief which will be discussed at the next board meeting.

Before you continue, you might like to take some notes to help you with your brief:

Consider what are the key values propositions of Baby Bunting?

Your assessment submission should include a cover page. Download the Cover page template.


Your Preliminary Analytical Brief on Baby Bunting’s 2021 Annual Report must answer the following questions:

1.How healthy is the business in terms of its Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss results? Support your recommendation with relevant financial results articulating if there are ongoing concerns.

2.In reference to the Consolidated Statement of Cashflow what was the cash position of Baby Bunting in 2021? In your opinion, were they in a healthy position?

3.Do you agree with the Chairman and CEO of Baby Bunting’s stated future directions of the business ?

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