BAO2203 Corporate Accounting- Australian Stock Exchange


You are required to identify a company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) that has One new acquisition in any of the financial years from 2016-2020. To qualify as a new acquisition, the company must not have any existing ownership interest in the investment before the acquisition. A company may have some acquisitions during the period, and you should choose the most significant acquisition for the company.
To find companies listed on the ASX search through the official ASX list at Then search ‘H ome > MARKETS > TRADE OUR CASH MARKET > COMPANY DIRECTORY> ASX LISTED COMPAINES’. Alternatively, you can use the following link to for a list of all ASX listed
companies in alphabetical order.
To see which of the above criteria have been met, you must review the company’s 2016-2020 annual reports. You can type the “company name” and “annual reports” as the Google search box keywords. It may take some time to find a suitable company that meets the criteria listed and has sufficient information to prepare the presentation.


You are required to prepare presentation slides on your selected company which covers the following points:
You are expected to use the company’s information from at least three years of annual reports. In addition to annual reports, it is strongly recommended to use other sources of information about the selected changes in ownership interest and non-financial performance, e.g., announcements, company presentations; newspaper articles; corporate
social responsibility reports, or sustainability reports.
Background information about your selected company, including industry, business segments, and key competitors. Analyze the trend of key financial results for three financial years using the Tableau software.
In-depth discussion of the acquisition (e.g., reasons of the acquisition, purchase consideration, accounting methods) used to account for the investment and future financial implications.
Discuss how an acquiree’s non-financial aspects (e.g., greenhouse gas emissions, stakeholder engagement, technology) can potentially impact acquirer’s acquisition decision and its financial performance.
Your presentation slides are expected to be concise but effectively convey the key messages using a variety of visualization tools such as diagrams, tables, graphs on the slides.
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