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Assignment Instructions

This assignment will familiarize capstone students with quality ranking systems currently in use

for hospitals and the measures that are used to determine quality. 


Access the Hospital Compare website at, and enter

your home zip code in the search box. Select two hospitals to compare, preferably with different

star ratings. If you are currently employed at a hospital, select your workplace for one of the

locations. Review information under all tabs. 


Select one outcome quality measure focused on a change in health status (i.e. 30-day death

rates), one process quality measure focused on the steps of a process (i.e. Patients who

reported that staff “always” explained about medicines before giving them) and one patient

satisfaction measure ( i.e. Patients who reported YES, they would definitely recommend the


Compare and contrast the two hospitals based on these three measures. Based on your

knowledge of local needs, concerns and preferences select ONE of these measures that you

believe would be the most important the local community. 

Research peer-reviewed nursing or hospital administration journals for strategies that has been

utilized to improve quality related to the ONE selected measure. For instance, if you selected a

patient satisfaction measure, you can research strategies for improving satisfaction in any

hospital unit or service. Select one strategy that you feel would be most effective. Analyze the

strategy, for this hospital in its community for the following:

 Feasibility

 Efficacy

 Stakeholders (a person with an interest or concern in the measure; those who are critical

for change to occur). Individuals should be identified by general job titles and not named


Create a 6-8 slide PowerPoint presentation Include the following in the PowerPoint:

Title slide

Introduction: Community demographics, data on hospitals selected (i.e. Size, trauma

designation, urban/rural location)

Selected measure: Outline the quality measure that you select as most important to the local

community, and the hospital selected to implement it. Provide your rationale

Research: Present strategy and analyze for




Reference slide


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