Assessment Of The Path Of Inflation In X


The report title is: A Brief Assessment Of The Path Of Inflation In X

Aim: To assess the factors contributing to the path of inflation in country X.

Structure and Content of Your Report

Structure of the Report

  • 1: Introduction

State briefly the purpose and significance of the report [word guidance 30 words]

  • 2: The Inflation Path
  • Briefly describe the pattern of inflation over the period 2000 to 2021 (using IMF data) and in the year 2021 (use annualised figures, the percentage change in headline consumer prices – one month based on the same month in the previous year). Your description must refer to your Figures 1 and 2 and to Table 1 (extracted from the websites for the IMF and Trading Economics, and labelled as Table 1, see examples below)

[Word guidance -excluding any words in Table 1 and Figures 1 and 2, 40 words]

  • 3: Assessment of the factors contributing to the trajectory of inflation in 2021
  • This should comment briefly on the supply and demand-side factors contributing to the trajectory of inflation in 2021 (see Paper on Inflation on the module website in the UNIT Economies – Explanation). At least three factors should be mentioned on each of the supply and demand-side which you consider to be important in the country chosen and which you are able to justify with references or data (such as data on savings, retail sales, wages etc). Some mention should also be made of any contribution from monetary and fiscal policy. (Word guidance 250 words).
  • 4: Conclusion

Based on the assessments in your report, write a brief reasoned statement on the path you expect inflation to take in the coming twelve months [Word guidance 30 words]

  • Presentation of Material: The report must be presented in standard report format with a clear heading, followed by your student number.

The sub-sections listed above must be used and numbered as above.

A list of references in alphabetical order must follow the Conclusion. The report must be paginated. The Figure and Table must be numbered with titles and data sources. On the Figure, the axis units must be clear either on the axes or from the title). Presentation of Graphics (see below). A line chart should be used.

Word length is subject to a tolerance of plus or minus 10 per cent -with cumulative 10 per cent penalties being applied for every 10 per cent outside this range). The list of references, words used in Figures and Tables and quotations do not count towards the word totals. As normal, plagiarism will be penalised.

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