Aspects of the Climate Change Article


Watch this video about wolffish conservation

jot down important points along the way.  Then read this CBC article about climate change and notice which aspects of the climate change article relate to the ideas in the wolffish conservation video.  Start your mindmap with the central idea of “Wolffish Conservation” in the center. 


  1. lay out the 5 – 6 major ideas/concepts (each concept may be a single word or short phrase, not an entire sentence);
  2. organize minor ideas within each major idea.  Be sure that all ideas are clearly relevant to the topic of wolffish conservation;
  3. label every connection to identify the relationship (again, a single word or short phrase);
  4. use clear layout, different colours, fonts, graphic styles, images etc. to ensure that your map is a visually striking representation of these ideas.

You are strongly encouraged to create your mind map using software products such as VUE or CMap Tools.  Both are free, easy to use, quickly learned and have tutorials easily located on YouTube.  Otherwise, you are also free to just make your map by drawing freehand

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