ASB4423 Islamic Finance and Academic Dishonesty


Students are asked to select one of the following topics and to write a reflective essay with critical perspectives on the chosen topic. You should include theoretical, legal and empirical aspects, as relevant to the topic. You should also provide citations from academic and practitioner literature. The topics are:
1. Islamic Finance’s Contribution to Economic Development of Countries
2. The role of Islamic Finance in growth of the Halal Market Economy
General Instructions & Format:
1) This is a group assignment and the minimum and maximum number of students in a group is 2 and 3 respectively.
2) The word limit for this assignment is 3,000 words (+/- 10%); excluding graphs and tables.
3) The assignment must be submitted on time. A soft copy only, to be uploaded through the module Blackboard via the Turnitin software.
4) The School is unable to consider extensions for assignments unless certifiable evidence of a genuine personal or medical circumstance supports a request and normally before the submission date. 
5) Library resources must be used as needed and appropriately cited in the completion of this assignment. In addition where appropriate, you MUST refer to other relevant financial journals/publications in support of your work.
6) You are expected to support your work with sources from the literature and use Harvard referencing style as appropriate, in text and in the list of references at the end of your assignment.Academic Integrity:
Students who are suspected of having engaged in any form of academic dishonesty will face further investigation.
The School’s procedures on Unfair Practice are available on the module Blackboard.
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