ART 3161 Art Now- Effect or Meaning of the Art Work


The Materials and Methods of Art

Your assignment should focus on any two Art Now lectures of your choosing between of the course. It should include the following sections:
1. Select one work presented by the artists from each of your two chosen lectures. Visually describe each artwork including its title, date. In your description consider hat kind of materials and methods were used in creating this work of art? What is it made out of and how was it made? What process did the artist follow? How and where was it displayed?
2. In compare the materials and/or methods of your chosen works to one another. Your comparison can focus on differences or similarities, or both. Consider the ways the materials and/or the methods contribute to the overall effect or meaning of the artwork? If so, in what way(s)? If not, why not? Reference lectures in your answer. 
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