ARCH1025 Architectural Technology in Context: Design of A Pace


Understanding & Creating Performance

Boon Lay Ong

Having begun to look at architecture as spatial experience and begun to quantify some of these experiences, we are looking forward to start modelling this experience through various computer applications. For this stage of your study, you will use the following software:

  • Velux -
  • EasyCFD -
  • dBmap -

Using analytical software, investigate the effects of specific changes to the design of your selected pace in terms of heat, light and sound. Explore how these changes can contribute to a desirable architectural experience. Discuss this experience with due consideration to day/night, the seasons and climatic factors. Your recommendation must be backed by simple mathematical analysis and a series of quantitative modeling and analysis of results, along with the preparation of architectural drawings, tables and diagrams.


Study your building, with a special focus on your selected space, in terms of its performance over the seasons and day.

Report: Understanding Architecture Performance

Discuss the criteria you have used to analyse the room you have studied. If you needed to modify the criteria or use the criteria in a slightly different way, explain how and why you have done so. If necessary, discuss the difference between environmental comfort and environmental delight and whether the quality of delight has been explored in your assignment.

Modelling Performance

Model your selected room in terms of daylight, sound and ventilation and discuss how these studies help you to understand the performance of your space in terms of heat, light and sound. If necessary, discuss the significance of the seasons, of day and night and of the different weather conditions.


Apply your understanding to the rest of the house and analyse your building again using FirstRate. This time, look into construction and orientation. If relevant, test your results with overhangs and other shading strategies.

Aesthetics of Architectural Performance

Discuss how the performance of your room changes with the seasons, with time and with the weather. Explain how the location, dimensions and construction of your room impacted this performance and how you have improved its performance. Support your suggestions quantitatively.

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