ANTH 103 Introduction To Archaeology-fight certain narratives


The Assignment:

Archaeology pervades the world around it, appearing in the news, on TV, in books, in movies, as part of marketing and tourism campaigns, in legislation and legal code, and in video games. It is painted as mysterious, adventurous, dangerous, methodical, scientific, exciting, boring, powerful, and esoteric, depending on perspective.

Your task for this assignment is to select one (1) topic about which to write that discusses the intersection of archaeology and contemporary society / popular culture. You may use reputable internet source documents, original media material, media/literary analysis, and scholarly articles as your data. The topic is yours to decide and is wide open, provided you can find solid data to support your argument. Do you want to discuss the way that archaeology has been depicted in film through the decades? Go for it! Interested in how archaeology features into video games – or how archaeological discoveries have influenced video game content? Great idea! Are you more focused on the way that countries use their archaeological collections or sites to perpetuate or fight certain narratives? Fantastic! These are just a few of the many, many options out there!
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