ANSC B760 Respirtory Diseaes|Credentials

Who is the veterinarian working with Dr. Thompson and what are his credentials (where does he work?) 2. List the indicators for identifying a calf that is or is starting to get sick (use bullet list) from one or more of the BRD viral infections. 3. What diseases are part of the BRD complex? Discuss symptoms of each, emphasizing the differences in their pathology. 3. What is meant by accurate dosing and why is it important? 4. We have learned in class that antibiotics do not kill viruses. However, we use them to treat animals sick with a virus. Why? The answer is because of “opportunistic bacterial respiratory infections”. What is meant by opportunistic (or secondary) bacteria infections? 5. Explain the reasons Dr. Apley uses to justify his advice that we should not use more than one antibiotic or combine them when treating sick animals. 6. Dr. Nels Lindburg (happens to be a friend of mine) gives some “Tips of the Day”. Discuss them and how technology in medicine has advanced in the care and treatment of livestock. 7. Antibiotic use in food animals has become a controversial issue. Concerns are that use of antibiotics leads to resistance, superbugs, etc. Research the USDA/FDA rules about antibiotic residue allowed in food animal production and “withdrawal periods” for antibiotics. 8.Discuss the etiology and clinical signs of PRRS and 9. Explain how PRRS economically affects a swine producer. (Be specific).
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