Annual Report of DU Company


Outline And Requirements

You are required: to identify a UAE or international Public listed company to analyze; to refer to the company’s annual report or any reliable source of information in the public domain; to apply financial and ratio analysis tools; to compare and contrast the firm’s financial position and financial performance as opposed to the given industry averages (or a selected benchmark); and to identify and assess the weak and strong (financial and non-financial) areas of the firm based on your collected information and the given financial statements.

The task will test the knowledge of the students and their ability in analyzing and appraising of selected company and its financial statements.

Students are expected to provide a short overall analysis for shareholders on whether they should increase or decrease their investment. In their answers, students are expected to provide an element of analysis, discussion and strategic thinking. Students are expected to use Integrated Predictive Analytics tools for generating financial forecasts.

Financial and ratio analysis tools:

  • Horizontal Analysis
  • Vertical Analysis
  • Trend analysis
  • Ratio Analysis
    1. Profitability analysis
    2. Liquidity analysis
    3. Debt management analysis
    4. Activity analysis

Companies: DU (Main company) , Etisalat ( benchmark)

Annual Report


Etisalat :

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