AGBSB2 Agricultrual Business|Directions

As the Captain of the ship “Fiscal,” you had a chance to navigate through the waters of the economy and transport your three governing goals to a safe harbor. Please creatively describe the experience. You can type your response, or better yet, post a no-longer-than a two-minute video of how well you navigated the waters. Here are some items to include: What strategies did you find that were effective in improving the economy? What struggles challenged you? Were you able to make it to the shore with your governing goals intact? And if so, how did you manage that? How could you incorporate some of the decisions you made as the Captain of the Fiscal if you were instead the CEO of an agricultural corporation? Add anything else you feel will be interesting to your peers. Embed a screenshot of your score in your reply! Remember, your video can be made with animations, screenshots, cell phone footage… whatever you find is appropriate. I am not expecting you to deliver a cinema-quality endeavor. I am expecting you to have fun developing the content you have learned with this assignment. Make sure you have followed the directions and participated as the captain of the Fiscal ship. Resoucres: DUE 11-24-21 11:59PM
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