AGBS B2 Agricultural Economics: Analysis on An Article


Throughout the semester, you will need to submit a short economic analysis on an article of your choice. The article should relate to the agriculture industry. Check your syllabus for article due dates (Generally the 4th, 8th and 12th week are the due dates). Here are your goals…

  • Find an online article that has an economic “flavor” to it. This means, there is content that you can evaluate the economic implications.
    1. Find an article that newer than three years.
    2. DO NOT pull an article from a subscription service.
      1. I do not want to pay for the privilege of grading your paper!
    3. Do not use an article that is longer than 5 pages. It would provide you with too much content and not allow you a deep analysis.
      1. I read the article you are basing your analysis on before I grade your paper. So using shorter articles is certainly okay!
  • Take a look at the Rubric, so you will know what to focus on in your writing.
    1. Economic Importance
    2. Economic Implications
    3. Economic Depth of Knowledge
    4. Overall Impact
      1. I am expecting collegiate level writing!
        • Have someone proof your writing.
        • Take it to BC Writing Center (CSS 193C)
          • Click here for Writing Center information.
  • In a word processor (MS word is my favorite) do the following…
    1. Write a full page (about 350 words) analyzing the economic implications of the article. Make sure you use a size 12 “professional” font.
      1. Include your word count.
    2. Content
      1. Do not summarize the article. That is not what the assignment is requesting. You are attempting to bring something new or point out a cause and effect relationship that is not directly discussed.
      2. Economic Analysis
        • As you begin to put your thoughts together, ask yourself some analysis questions. For example,
          • Economically, why would anyone care about the thesis of the article?
          • How could the issue economically effect producers?
          • How could the issue economically effect consumers?
          • What are the economic forces at play?
        • The following APA parameters need to be included…
          • Provide citations as needed.
          • Create a reference list
            • You musthave the article you are using included in your reference list. I need a live link to the article. This is normally provided through URL at the end of the reference. See my example on the last page.
              • You do not have to have any other references.
            • These links will give you basic guidelines about creating an APA reference list.
  1. Upload this article into canvas by the due date.
  • The first economic analysis will be completed as a group activity. It will start with the week 3 discussion post and be uploaded during at the end of the 4thweek of instruction.
  • The next page has an example for you that a past student submitted. It is not perfect. Review my notes in the right margin for part of my evaluation.
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