AFIN8067 International Financial Management- Bridge Consulting Pty Ltd



As a recent graduate of Afin 8067 you and your friends have been lucky enough to be offered a consulting opportunity at Bridge Consulting Pty Ltd.
In this assignment you are required to review the International Financial Management of a company listed on the ASX 50 (i.e top 20). Failure to not follow
Assume the report is being prepared for the CEO and Board of the company chosen. Therefore, there is no need to provide a detailed background to the firm. Basic definitions are also not required. In fact, Board members would look unfavourably apon this.


The report should be structured in the following manner:
Critical analysis of the current international financial risk management tools used by company chosen. International financial risk management relates to the management of commodity, currency and interest rate risk as well as funding. This should also include recommended improvements.
Any other issues you may wish to raise. Marks will be awarded on your ability to cover issues discussed in class. This should include any recommended improvements.
Any questions about the assignment should be addressed through the discussion board function in iLearn.
This part of the assignment will cover the following Course Learning Outcomes
Communicate complex ideas effectively in oral and written forms to specialist and non-specialist audiences.
Collaborate effectively to achieve diverse purposes in a range of contexts
Develop implementable strategies for international businesses.
Understand advanced theories and concepts in international strategic management.
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