ACNT 2376 Financial Statement Analysis-relevant business practices


The purpose of this assignment is to employ accounting principles and relevant business practices to evaluate a company’s performance and financial position through a comparison to industry data.

Begin by choosing two competing publicly traded companies from the list below.

1. Walmart and Target

For the pair of companies selected, you will need to use each company’s stock symbol to locate the liquidity, solvency, and profitability ratios on the MSN Money website. As part of your research, you will need to identify each company’s stock symbol for the American market.
Review the competing companies’ ratios provided at the MSN Money website . Navigate to My Watchlist and enter the name of the company in the Quote Search. Identify and select the correct stock symbol.

Under the “Analysis” heading, use the Growth, Profitability, Price Ratios, Financial Health, Trading Statistics, and Management Effectiveness information to complete a comparison addressing the following:  

1. Evaluate each company’s liquidity relative to its competitor using at least three ratios
2. Evaluate each company’s solvency relative to its competitor using at least two ratios
3.Evaluate each company’s profitability relative to its competitor using at least three ratios

Note: You will be assessed on your ability to evaluate each company’s performance based on the information provided at MSN Money. You do not need to calculate the ratios for individual companies or the industry averages.

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