ACCT2229 Accounting for Sustainable Management : Financial and Non-Financial Per


Assuming the CEO is satisfied with both of your reports (Assignment One and Two), you are now required to formulate a Sustainability Balanced Scorecard (SBSC) to explicitly translate Evolution Mining’s strategy into a set of financial and non-financial performance measures, covering a range of perspectives. You are asked to present and discuss a suitable SBSC, using a business report format. In completing your business report, please address the following requirements:
1. Consider the mission, vision and five-year objectives of Evolution Mining in relation to sustainability. Identify three available
approaches to the development of a sustainability strategy map and sustainable Balanced Scorecard (Topic 9). Choose and apply one of the three approaches for Evolution Mining and explain your choice with reference to Evolution Mining’s specific situation.
2. Briefly outline what a “strategy map” is and then develop a sustainability strategy map for Evolution Mining. You need to
specifically focus on its sustainability objectives and motivate your objectives’ formulation concerning Evolution Mining. The strategy map should be constructed in line with your sustainability consideration in Requirement 1 above.
3. Based on your chosen approach (Requirement 1) and the sustainability strategy map (Requirement 2), please prepare a SBSC to Evolution Mining. Please show your classification of the strategic objectives (Requirement 2) into the perspectives of your SBSC and justify your classification with specific reference to Evolution Mining’s ACCT2229 Accounting for Sustainable Management, Semester 2, 2021 Page 2 of 8 sustainability objectives.
4. For each sustainability objective in SBSC (Requirement 3), identify one or more suitable/reasonable lead and lag indicators through which you would advise to measure the fulfilment of the objective. Justify your choice of indicators. That is, how do you know that the chosen indicators can drive, capture and measure the targeted objectives?
5. Identify and explain the eventual impacts of the indicators you have chosen (Requirement 4) with reference to the sustainability
objectives of your suggested SBSC onto Evolution Mining’s decision making.
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