ACCT1080 Financial Accounting Theory

Each individual team member is required to undertake research to address the question posed for your team’s particular topic of investigation and individually submit a complete and thoroughly investigated report using your own research. The initial reference is related to the topic of investigation. The initial reference can be used in your report, but you must go beyond the initial reference, and include at least another 10 recent academic references in your report.   You should read through the rubric to better understand the expectations of this assessment. There you will see that you are expected to engage with an accounting theory/theories to explain your topic of investigation. Choose the theory/theories which are relevant and can be applied to explain your topic and try to link the theory/theories throughout your whole report. It is advised that one of your sections is dedicated to defining and explaining these theory/theories. Your other sections can be used to explain key aspects of your topic. Report format: The Individual Report must be in a professional report format. The report should include a cover page, table of contents, and page numbers. The report contents should be split into several logical sections and/or sub-sections. The sections of the report should comprise: an executive summary, introduction, main section of the report, conclusion and reference list. One of the sections in your report should include discussion of the relevant theory/theories
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