ACCT 1029 Performance Analysis and Simulations : Developing Your Strategic Direc


Capsim Report: GROUP CHESTER Working Paper: Performance and Management Tenure Review  This Working Paper needs to provide a summary and analysis of the results (both Financial & Non-Financial) that you have achieved over Year 4-6 (R4-R6) of your tenure. It should compare actual results of your nominated key performance indicators against targets set and perhaps other benchmarks e.g. industry averages, main competitors. It should give a clear indication of how you have done in developing your strategic direction to date and provide some explanations of the success or otherwise of your decisions to date.
This working paper should also review your current comparative competitive position in each segment in relation to customer buying requirements. It should also examine the different strategies being adopted by competitors (especially those competing with similar strategies). Examples of what it should include are listed below: – Summary & analysis of Financial Performance indicators with specific reference to nominated Board Indicators (Sales & ROS) – Summary and analysis of non-financial nominated Key Performance Indicators – Competitive Positioning (Products & Competitors) – Other relevant supporting information – Conclusions/Strategic Implications/Operational Implications. The second part of this Working Paper requires an additional Section for you to highlight to the Board why your Management Team should be re-appointed. This will require you to highlight and analyse areas of performance over Years 1-6 that support re-appointment.
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