ACCG8127 Current Issues in Accounting- applicable to accounting


On successful completion, you will be able to:

• Demonstrate an advanced level of theoretical accounting knowledge, including knowledge in financial and management accounting and corporate governance, and critically apply knowledge in a range of contexts.

• Evaluate relevant quantitative research methods and principles that are applicable to accounting.

• Demonstrate communication skills relevant to an appropriate professional environment.

• Appreciate the need for corporate social responsibility and ethical thinking.


Students will work in Groups of 3 as assigned to the specific paper in a topic. Using that paper, you must prepare a: (1) PowerPoint Presentation, and (2) 2000-word report based on a critique of the assigned paper. The Report consists of four 500-word parts (plus or minus 10%).

1. Identify the problem and the current issues from an accounting and corporate governance perspective and link to the issues covered in the paper (do not repeat my lecture).

2. Outline how the paper’s authors approach their research using quantitative research methods and principles.

3. Critically comment on the results from an accounting and corporate governance perspective.

4. Outline what further quantitative research based on accounting and corporate governance principles is needed to follow this paper. You must consider events and other research that have occurred after the data was collected for the paper.

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