4SC009 Introduction to Social Care and Mixt Economy

Assignment Brief Using the academic skills delivered in this module (research, reading, writing, referencing, write an essay that answers the assignment question and meets the module learning outcomes LO1. LO2. and LO3. Research Use databases and the WLV library search engine, official and academic websites. Reading Read widely using academic sources and sources that can be trusted e.g. Online and Text books, Peer Reviewed Journal Articles, official sources such as Office for National Statistics, Social Care Institute of Excellence. Also research produced by organisations such as the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and the King’s Fund. Writing 3rd person tense, be clear, specific and accurate in the way you phrase your argument and write in paragraphs around a common theme. Referencing Use Wolverhampton Harvard Cite them Right Module learning outcomes LO1 Define the notions of the state, market and the family in relation to social care LO2 Summarise the roles undertaken by each of the state, market and family in the relation to the funding and delivery of social care services within the mixed economy of welfare LO3 Demonstrate core academic skills in identifying and summarising appropriate academic sources Assignment question Explain the delivery, funding and organisational roles of the state, market and civic (informal) sectors in the mixed economy of welfare, in contemporary United Kingdom society? Essays consist of an introduction, main body and a conclusion. Structure of assignment This is a 2000 word assignment you have a tolerance of plus or minus 10% so the maximum you can write is 2200 and the minimum is 1800. The word count starts from the first word in the Introduction and finishes with the last word in the conclusion, meaning that the references are not included. All text between these two points, including citations are included.
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