301062 Environmental Building Design

ASSIGNMENT OVERVIEW The Architectural drawings given feature a typical Medium Density Residential Development in a western suburban region. The current design aims to maximize development potential (total of eight mixed single and two storey units) by consolidating two typical suburban lots into one with a central access driveway. The development needs improvement in relation to Environmental Building Design (EBD) principles. TASK You will review this design with an incorporation of Environmental Building Design (EBD) principles. You will develop new individual drawings where you will reconfigure the overall site layout to produce an improved environmental design for the site, as well as detail one specific unit. You need to incorporate a range of EBD elements into the fabric and layout of the unit (appropriate passive design methods, energy and water efficient measures, renewable technologies, waste management, etc). The incorporation of EBD principles must be performed to the site (whole development) as well as to the individual unit (which is a representation of all the EBD principles that were incorporated in all different units in your development
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