300886 Construction in Practice- construction schedule and proposed site arrange


Each group is to submit a final written project document. The deadline for this is week 14 The document should be divided into clearly labelled sections. The arrangement of the subsections is at your discretion.

The submission is to include but is not limited to the following sections:

1. Analysis of the local area market for apartments, current prices and demographic trends.

2. Statement of Environmental Effects for the project – traffic, density, energy,water, local impact, landscaping. BASIX requirements.

3. Plans, elevations and sections for the apartments and a site plan for the overall development suitable for a Construction Certificate application. Alternately a 1:100 scale model of the project (this must be negotiated with unit coordinator).

4. Detail drawings, photographs and/or descriptions of the construction systems chosen for the project. If trade literature is included be sure that the examples quoted are specifically relevant to this project.

5. Estimated total project cost and how it was arrived at, construction schedule and proposed site arrangements.

6. Company policies and systems for quality control and WH&S including sample checklists, induction policies and safe work method statements.

7. Specification sections showing important trades.

8. Comparison between local Council and a Private Certifier as PCA.

9. SWOT analysis of the project. 

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