300801 Animal Science: Unique Markings On Animals


Title: What The Unique Markings On Animals Tell Us 

Should indicate what you have reviewed i.e. unique markings in animals e.g. spots etc. You make this up yourselves and it should reflect what the review is all about. It is a label and it should tell the potential reader what it’s all about.



The introduction should:

Define your topic and provide an appropriate context for reviewing the literature; Should explain what the review is about and what it is not about! e.g. not about DNA.

Establish your reasons – for reviewing the literature; what about some statements on animal welfare issues – are natural marks better than unnatural / human markings for animal studies?

Should explain how the literature was search and how it was collated into a table. This is sort of like a methods section but does not need to be as detailed and certainly not as long. A few simple statements saying what data bases were searched and what search terms and phrases used. As a class we might collect this information for everyone.

Main body

The middle or main body should:

Organise the literature according to common themes (under headings / sub headings), you could rearrange the Table to reflect how you might treat the search results!

The search resulted in how many species with unique markings? Can this be broken down to different animal types? Were some markings only useful in specific life stages or seasons? Of these makings how many have been used in field studies? Were there any characteristics about mark types that made them better than others? What additional information could you ascertain from the search results? For example, were there more mammals than reptiles? What are the characteristics of a good natural unique marking system? What about digitisation / computerisation – this should only be a small part (a few sentences if you want to comment) but clearly such technology has had a significant impact in this area. These are just some ideas and students should be attempting to identify any commonalities and contrasts from the literature. To facilitate this we should have discussions and I will organise sessions when we can all get together.



.Summarise the important aspects of the existing body of literature;

.Evaluate the current state of the literature reviewed;

.Outline areas for future study etc

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