11217 Contemporary Issues in Accounting Management


Part A

This assignment will outline a research project that you are required to complete in this semester by collecting data empirically. Note that the final project is different from the research proposal assignment as in the research proposal assignment, you will outline how project would look like if it is undertaken in future. But in this final assessment, you are required to collect data empirically, report findings, and write contributions of your study based on empirical findings. Detailed information regarding the specific contents of the report, length will be uploaded on Canvas by week 3. 

This is a mandatory piece of assessment. ‘Special assessment requirements’ below sets out the consequence of not completing mandatory items. The assignment must be attempted individually. Students detected copying from other student’s assignments will be dealt with under University rules. Students who assist other students to copy or collude will also be dealt with under university rules.

Part B: 

The written component of assignment will be assessed on each student’s ability to address the requirements set out below.You will need to complete the following sections for writing the assignment. Marks will be awarded for your written communication skills.

1.Write an introduction: In this section, you have to provide sufficient background information to enable a reader to understand the motivations for your research project. Additionally, you are required to discuss your point of view as to why the research you are conducting is important and how it is important. Synthesis of some numerical information, supporting opinions and contrasting points of view should be included. 
2. Research objectives and the research questions:In this section, you will clearly state what you want to achieve through your research study and what the questions your research study will seek to answer.
3. Identify the theoretical framework(s)/ theory and justify your chosen framework/ theory appropriateness in the research project. 
4. Review the relevant literature (prior academic studies) on your topic area. In this section, you will collect and synthesize recent research articles and papers (preferably published after 2015) related to your topic area which will demonstrate your ability to read, think and develop your argument critically. You should include at least 5 articles published not less than 3 years ago.
5. Describe the research method used in the topic and critically evaluate why proposed methods are appropriate for your project. In this section, you will clearly state how have you collected data for your research project empirically. Note that data can be collected through various ways. For example, data can be collected through interviews, survey questionnaires, or based on publicly available information.
6. Discuss the findings of study. In this section, you will describe key findings of your topic.
Discuss the implications (both academic and practical) of your research topic, state any limitations of the research project and any future research direction.

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